Landscape Architecture and Land Use Planning Consultants

Welcome to Planscapes Design Group, where more than 15 years of dedicated County, Municipal, and Private Planning experience converge to serve your unique planning aspirations. With our wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment, we are your trusted partner on the path to realizing your planning objectives. Let's craft your vision into reality, together.

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture is a multidisciplinary field that combines art, design, and environmental science to create and enhance outdoor spaces.

  • Land Use Planning

    Land use planning is a systematic approach to managing land resources and guiding the development of communities and regions.

Land Use Planning/ Entitlement Services



Planned Unit Developement

Residential Subdivisions

Special or Conditional Use Permits

Site Development Plans

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Conceptual Development Plans

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  • Industrial Design

    Experience the intersection of art and engineering with our industrial design projects. Our team brings creativity and technical expertise to every project.

  • Commercial and Mixed Use

    Unlock the potential of your land with our professional commercial and mixed-use planning services. Optimize your development for success.

  • Residential Developments Large and Small

    Explore our selection of residential developments, including both large-scale communities and smaller neighborhoods.

  • Public Spaces

    Design public spaces that leave a lasting impression. Our team of experts will bring your vision to life with innovative and sustainable designs.

  • Rob Molloy

    Planscapes is a specialized planning and landscape architecture firm that offers design development services to clients. With a high success rate of approval from required government agencies, we tailor our services to deliver the desired product to our clients. Our expertise spans across all stages of development from conceptual design to permit submittals. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with developmental agencies within governing bodies, including serving on Planning Commissions and development standards committees.

  • Emily Tarantini

    In my role I focus on determining the best land use within an area while traveling through requirements of zoning codes, building ordinances, infrastructure design and architectural design standards.

    My strong suit is educating and guiding clients through the development process and City regulations, regardless of their background knowledge. Supporting their vision and challenging myself to make it happen while followingcity and government guidelines.